The Coaches

Leanne Knox

Leanne has a long history in coaching Gymnastics (30 years), Crossfit , Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting and secondary PE teacher. Leanne is passionate about foundational movement and competes at a National and International level in Olympic Weightlifting. Leanne also runs the My Gym Club program at Proserpine State School and coaches juniors and adults in all sports.

Tony Lisciandro

Tony is an avid lover of the barbell and coaches our senior weightlifters. He is an Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting coach and competes in Olympic Weightlifting at a State and National level. Tony has a special love of programming for strength and assists our members in their strength and conditioning programs at Mount Marlow.

Nathan Sainsbury

Nathan is a lover of all things heavy. He is also an Athletics coach and Secondary PE teacher. Nathan is an Olympic weightlifting coach and coaches our junior and senior Olympic Weightlifters at both venues. Nathan competes in Olympic Weightlifting and makes a great MC at Powerlifting competitions.

Anna Deveigne

Anna is our Russian who has taken on Olympic Weightlifting and Gymnastics coaching. Anna competes at a State, National and International level in Olympic Weightlifting. She is committed to the overall wellbeing of our junior and senior members and has recently taken on remedial massage.

Cait Halsey

Cait coaches both Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting to our seniors at Mount Marlow. Cait has competed in Olympic Weightlifting and in the past year has transitioned to competing in Powerlifting. Cait also loves to train general fitness and strength.

Steve Knox

Steve is an Olympic Weightlifting coach. Steve is committed to using weightlifting principles to develop strength and conditioning in our senior members at Mount Marlow. His passion lies in providing a balanced program, especially for our masters members.